Driftwood Scrolls Collection

Discarded by nature,

Sculpted by the elements,

An inspired collaboration.

Rachel Pedrana

An appreciation of what we often take for granted are the very things that deserve our most gratitude.

In a year full of uncertainty where creative balance was challenged, my focus turned to the ocean for contemplation & peace. Embracing the freedom and spirit of the ocean to inspire and restore balance, I foraged. 

The 2020 Driftwood Scrolls Collection was created by combining the raw beauty of driftwood with the oceans natural colour palette. An exploration of texture, form & movement carved by the elements, sculpted by nature and crafted by woman.


Mixed Media Acrylic painting

Western Weave 10oz 100% Organic Cotton Canvas

Locally foraged Driftwood treated & sealed

Macrame fibre hanger handmade with recycled cotton sourced from a garment & fabric factory

Authentic Rachel Pedrana ceramic medalion

NUBIVAGENT’ Wandering in the Clouds

Hanging Scroll – (H)108cm x (W)80cm

Canvas only – (H)70cm x x(W)58cm

‘CIMMERIAN’ Dark & Gloomy Lands

Hanging Scroll (H)94cm x (W)72cm

Canvas only (H)59cm x (W)49cm

‘EMAYA’ Night Rain

Canvas only – (H)97cm x (W)59cm

Hanging Scroll – (H)136cm x (W)97cm


Canvas only -(H) 29cm x (W)37cm

Hanging Scroll – (H) 66cm x (W) 53cm

‘THALASSIC’ Of the Ocean

Canvas only – (H)94cm x (W)58cm

Hanging Scroll – (H) 131cm x (W)95cm

‘CICURATE’ Reclaim from Wilderness

Canvas only – (H)65cm x (W)48cm

Hanging Scroll – (H)103cm x (W)69cm

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