Earth Elements

“An inspired abstraction of a changed perspective’

Rachel Pedrana

This collection was inspired by my fascination of aerial photography. A visual perspective of our world around us with its mesmerising fractal patterns & colours carved into our earth.

Mixed Media Acrylic painting

Stretched Cotton Canvas


Inspired by Bidjigal Reserve

I named this piece after the Bidjigal clan of the Durug People in Parramatta New South Wales. The reserve is home to Aboriginal cultural heritage, overhanging rocks for shelter & a wide range of native wildlife & plant species.

Canvas only – (H)90cm x x(W)90cm

Timber Framed – (H)95cm x (W)95cm


Inspired by a desire to capture the fleeting moment of ignition. Blue flames come from the elements carbon & hydrogen which emit light in the upper end of the visible light spectrum, thus creating mesmerising blue violet hues.

Stretched Canvas (H)90cm x (W)90cm

Timber Framed (H)95cm x (W)95cm

‘BLUE FIRE’ Currently displayed on Exhibition for sale. To visit exhibit please contact 0407 10 22 17 to arrange a viewing appointment.


Inspired by Black Summer of 2019 that took hold of the New South Wales country towns. Families taking refuge on the beaches with little to no possessions. Skies glowed an eerie dark orange as fire plumes were visible beyond the tree line.

Canvas only – (H)50cm x (W)40cm


Inspired by Leirhnjukur Lava Field Iceland

Lava is a slow sea bulging & dividing the land. last erupted in 1984 now is an arrid landscape of lava pillars, crater clusters & naturally scultped lava city.

Canvas only -(H) 80cm x (W)40cm


Inspired by Coal Mining in Germany

The acid sludge streaming out of a coal mine. Excavators unearth lignite hundreds of feet below the ground: exposed to air, sulphide minerals in rocks oxidize, releasing acid & heavy metals like iron & copper that turn rain & groundwater into an ethereal sludge.

Canvas only – (H)60cm x (W)50cm


Inspired by the Chukchi Sea on the Alaskan Coast

The point at which the Bering Sea Water is cool & salty, rich in nutrients meets the Alaskan Coastal water which is warmer, less salty & nutrient poor. Where the two meet the seas impart a milky turquoise hue.

Canvas only – (H)80cm x (W)40cm

‘ITERUM’ Afresh

Inspired by Lake Eyre in Australia

Lake Eyre is fed by a web of rivers in to South Australia, Queensland & Northern Territory. Normally dry in conditions but every few years a flood occurs changing the colours of the lake from earthy gold tones to blue & pink hues.

Canvas only – (H)80cm x (W)40cm

‘KAWAAKARI’ Glowing River in Darkness

Inspired by the Granges River, India

The Granges River forms an extensive delta where it empties into the Bay of Bengal. The delta is largely covered with a swamp forest known as the Sunderbans. At sunset an unusual purple tone comes across the water shoreline.

Canvas only – (H)100cm x (W)75cm

‘PLEXURE’ Woven Together

Inspired by Turnip Rock in Lake Huron, Michigan

Turnip Rock is a small geological formation in the seas near the coastline formed by erosion over time by wind & water, the process of coastal geomorphology.

Canvas only – (H)40cm x (W)91cm

‘DARKLING’ Occuring in Darkness

Inspired by The West Fjords Series of Penninsulas in Northerwestern Iceland

The West Fjords are very mountainous, the coastline indented by dozens of fjords surrounded by steep hills. The jaggared permiete accounts for more than half of Icelands total coastline.

Canvas only – (H)40cm x (W)91cm

‘SHOSHIN’ To See Life in Wonder

Inspired by the Dendritic Drainage System of the Shadegan Lagoon in Iran

The word ‘Dendritic’ refers to the pools’ resemblance to branches of a tree. This pattern develops when streams move across flat uniformed rocks or surface that resist erosion.

Canvas only – (H)90cm x (W)90cm

‘SHOSHIN’ To See Life in Wonder – Currently displayed on Exhibition for sale. To visit exhibit please contact 0407 10 22 17 to arrange a viewing appointment.

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